Welcome to IPI Comics
(This site is still under construction)


IPI Comics is a new publishing division within IWFG Publishing International (hence the initials). IFWG Publishing has been, for ten years now, a growing presence as an independent, international publisher of quality speculative fiction. Based in Australia, but with print and digital copies made available via established distributors in North America, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and elsewhere, the company has released some impressive titles from genre fiction grandmasters like Jack Dann, as well as powerful and diverse new voices like Eugen Bacon. The label has prominent sales in the USA in particular, in adult and YA/middle grade sectors. Horror, SF and fantasy in both long-form and in anthologies have been published to strong positive critical and commercial response. So, now, it is timely to include comic-books and graphic novels under the umbrella.


IPI Comics will be managed directly by publisher Gerry Huntman with Australian comics guru Christopher Sequeira reporting to him as Editor-In-Chief. Sequeira will help select and vet creators for books that can meet the goals of the business to carefully replicate IFWG’s reputation for quality over quantity within a comics publishing division. IPI Comics will utilise a wide variety of genre talent, including established and up-and-coming creators.


There are both on-going comics, and limited series in the monthly/bi-monthly ‘USA comic-shop’ format planned, as well as complete-in-themselves graphic novels. Content will largely be original SF, horror, fantasy or peripheral to spec fiction material; but there will even be some experimentation with licensed properties. A number of creators have already been approached to cover the first years of projects.
The cornerstone criteria will be quality married to there being sure there is a viable audience for a planned book, based on talent, concept and format. Even any series that are released monthly or bi-monthly will be managed to avoid gaps in on-sale expectations or drops in quality that are caused by rushing to meet deadlines ahead of capability. We want you to have one expectation that is met every time with an IPI Comic: That it’s GOOD. We know we can achieve that by patience and preparation and devotion to telling good genre stories well. We’d rather do a few comics in a year that deliver rather than publish material every month that was ordinary.
There will be an announcement about the first books in coming weeks. We think we will be coming out of the gate well.


IPI will be available as trade paperbacks or hardbacks or print special format as well as digital in the markets IFWG is currently available in. IPI is also taking steps to be in comic-book stores internationally. IPI will also make separate, individual assessments about potential comic concepts that might have potential in especial ways for unique markets like Australian and South Pacific newsagent and/or bookstore distribution. The SuperAustralians concept by Sequeira (and written and drawn by him and diverse hands that is slated for international release as a trade paperback in conjunction with Black House Comics) is an example of one such concept that might be developed for additional sales channels.


The first year or so will be setting up the deals and schedules for the works we want to produce with the creators we first want to work with. That, and establishing our presence will take all our focus at first. But there will come a time, once the model is working soundly, that submissions will be opened via the company web-pages and other channels. When that happens, we will make a submissions process crystal clear. One thing we don’t want to do is waste submitters’ time any more than our own.

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