Queenie Chan’s ‘The Dreaming’ Manga Series Returns in Expanded Form, through IPI Comics

IPI Comics and manga-style writer-artist Queenie Chan are thrilled to announce the return of her original manga series ‘The Dreaming’! The first of the beloved 3-volume manga will be available to stores in 2023, and will also be eventually accompanied by a fourth volume of all new content.

This series will be released internationally in new black and white paperbacks, with new covers, brand new pages, and updated art and minor rewrites that better reflect the current times.

Originally published by TOKYOPOP in 2005, ‘The Dreaming’ is a mystery-horror series about a pair of twin sisters who arrive at an isolated boarding school deep in the Australian bush—where schoolgirls are known to have vanished over the years. Billed as a Lovecraftian take on the cult classic ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, this is a trailblazing, young adult series that features a majority female cast, and a trio of Eurasian and indigenous Australians as lead characters. 

Queenie Chan will be pleased to support the new volumes in 2023 at her appearances at bookstores and conventions in Australia – dates and events will be announced. Some events outside Australia will be considered, too.

Queenie Chan was originally born in Hong Kong, and migrated to Australia as a child. After her first published work ‘The Dreaming’, she would work as a graphic novel illustrator for Dean Koontz on ‘Odd Thomas’, and for fantasy author Kylie Chan on ‘Small Shen’. She is currently working on a biographical series called ‘Women Who Were Kings’, while also doing a PhD at Macquarie University. See more of her work at www.queeniechan.com

She has also co-created and released a tale of the character Cosmosia (with writer Naomi Hatchman) in the SuperAustralians graphic chapter novel, which has been planned for an international release in 2023 by IPI.

Queenie said of this deal with IPI Comics: “I’m happy to be partnering with IPI Comic for one of their first releases. I’ve been trying to get ‘The Dreaming’ back in print for many years, since it’s the only Australian manga that specifically deals with Australian themes. With this reprint, I hope that there will be an opportunity to see a new generation of Australians express themselves in manga format.”

Acquisitions editor for this exercise, Christopher Sequeira, advised that “the opportunity to bring this story back for those who’ve worn their old copies to pieces, or to a whole bunch of new people who’ve become manga, or Queenie fans had to be grasped, and thanks to publisher Gerry Huntman, and Queenie herself, we have a plan to do just that. Queenie has a unique, engaging voice, and an absolute passion for storytelling. We at IPI Comics are truly glad she’s decided to become part of our list.”

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