Hannibal: Vale of Tears – IPI to release historical fantasy comic/graphic novel in 2024 with accomplished creative team

IPI Comics is excited to announce the forthcoming limited edition comic series, Hannibal: Vale of Tears, written by Steve Kilbey and Nicol Madunic, and illustrated by Keith Donald.

The series is a fantasy set in the ancient Roman period, with Hannibal, the legendary Carthaginian general, as the main protagonist. “It has it all,” said IPI Director, Christopher Sequeira, “from epic battles, to angelic visitations; from struggles against the all-powerful Roman Empire, to enduring love. But what makes it most interesting is that it focuses on a Hannibal who is NOT at the apex of his historic career, but rather, suffering bitter reversals.”

The talent on this book are a trio of formidable creators with accomplishments in music, film and art and design, and are demonstrating a great synergy with this work.

Steve Kilbey is best known as an English-born, Australian singer/songwriter with the rock band, The Church, and many solo albums outside of his band commitments. He is adept in poetry (having a poem published through our sister-publishing house IFWG Publishing International) and has now diversified into script writing for the Hannibal: Vale of Tears project.

Steve Kilbey, with permission

As an award-winning writer and director, Nicol Madunic brings a distinctive worldview born of her experience growing up in numerous European and US cities as part of a military family. Bringing humanity and personal stories to genre films with a visual sensibility born of her work in photography, she fuses hard science with singular characters that show us a world full of perils and rewards.

Nicole Madunic, with permission

Keith Donald has been working in the art industry for 28 years. He initially worked in video game production as an environment and concept artist producing art for ten published games ranging from Aliens V Predator,Harry Potter,Star Wars to Call of Duty. Lately he has progressed to working as a freelance illustrator working on everything from children’s books to album covers.

Keith Donald, with permission

Here is an early concept cover for the series, by Keith Donald:

The 4-part Hannibal: Vale of Tears limited series will be released in the second half of 2024, followed by a graphic novel collection early in 2025.

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